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With Decentralized Artificial Intelligence protocol, we are empowering Africa-focused skilled professionals to work smarter and unlock new revenue generation models

About Us

Sologid is an Ai-powered innovation hub focused on transforming Africa entrepreneurial ideas into passive income generating digital assets.
The objective for us is to build a collaborative community that addresses local needs and contribute to the sustainable development goal for reducing poverty in all its manifestations (SDG1) by 2030

Our Offerings

• Workspace Services
• Specialized educational resources
• Digital asset-as-a-service
• Bespoke blockchain solutions

Our Vision

We foretell a forthcoming where each African entrepreneur gains entry to top-tier enterprise solutions, empowering them to actualize their aspirations and create enduring positive change within their localities. With our unwavering commitment to excellence and ongoing ingenuity, we aspire to serve as the driving force behind entrepreneurial triumphs across the continent

We nurture, expedite, and construct investment-ready digital assets, hardware, or a combination of both, empowering intellectual capabilities throughout their entire life cycle

Strategic Planning
Assets Development
Team Building
GTM Strategies
Why Us ?

We are Unlocking Growth Potential Through Innovative Ecosystem and Data-Driven Solutions

We stand out from traditional accelerators, incubators, and physical workspaces by offering a cutting-edge service that goes beyond providing workspace. We specialize in building and managing assets-as-a-service for our ecosystem members, enabling them to collect valuable data, analyze insights, and take strategic actions that accelerate the growth and scalability of their technology-driven businesses, all within a collaborative and innovation-focused environment

Are you passionate about making an impact in Africa with your business idea?